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2007 Autumn Collection
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Version 12

If you're looking for H037 (Melon Sun Visor), here: H037.

The 2007 Summer Collection is the 11th card collection of the Japanese version of Love and Berry. It was released in 17th April 2007 and is the Japanese counterpart of the eventually released Version 12 in the international version.

As usual, it re-introduces the four cards categories:

  • Hair & Makeup Cards, which changes the character's hairstyle and, and may give them makeup depending on the card.
  • Dress Up Cards, which changes the character's outfit.
  • Footwear Cards, which changes the character's shoes.
  • Special Item Cards, which applies to the uncategorised cards that can buff (or nerf) Love or Berry's Dress Up Power in other ways that the above, such as Magical Time Plus, which adds more time.

In this collection, it features the four Sparkling Summer Cards, which are all Dress Up cards, that can be considered as Love and Berry's signature outfit for this collection. Scanning one of these cards will change the pink and blue sparkles to flowers that represents the theme of summer.

New cards were once again introduced. Resulting in 4 Hair & Makeup Cards, 11 Dress Up Cards, and 6 Footwear Cards added into the main roster, leaving 89 cards (including the Appendix Melon Sun Visor) in this collection.

Card Design

From the 2007 Collections onward, each that represents one of the four seasons are more detailed that matches their collection names to fit the overall theme.


As each collections features the two girls showcasing a certain outfit, in this collection, Love wears Seashore Soda while Berry wears Citrus Poche. Due to their lack of hand gestures or arranged movements, it's not possible to know. Although, Love gives a little hint that might suggest she's hunching with her hands on her knees.


As usual, the card's type depends on which color. The following possible colors are:

The layout itself now goes with an oval that resembles like a mirror, adorned with some hibiscus and leaves in front and a whitewashed pattern behind the back. Half of the mirror lines' color loses a bit of the corresponding color type. The position for the card's name, card's category type with the card's number allocated, the description, and the transliteration used in the 2007 Spring Sakura Collection is reused again with the exception of the transliteration being slightly curved. Despite the corresponding color returning back, the description now follows along.

The background has an ocean reflection-like look with a bunch of mini noticeable stars and the glow of LB Style Square Brand is absent.

Some cards receive a minor change design compared to the rest of the cards in this collection. Signs of the change are a blue metallic-like reflection, a couple of small flowers, and a toucan that is enough to differentiate the card with other cards.

Official Checklist

OshareMajo 2007SRC Checklist

New Cards

Hair and Make-up Cards

# Image Name Description Lucky Color
56 H056 2007SRC ボニートフラール
(Bonnyt Foulard)

(Official English: The wrapped scarf around the head is a fun style twist. The retro design and colors really bring out that grown-up look.)

57 H057 2007SRC ムーンメモワール
(Moon Memoires)

(Official English: Stunning beauty comes with this big bun! The way it highlights the face makes it a great choice for summer.)

Yellow (Love)

Blue (Berry)

58 H058 2007SRC キャメロットヘア
(Camelot Hair)

(Official English: This gorgeous elevated style is sure to attract stares from everyone! No wonder, with all its volume and heart-shaped hairline.)

Yellow (Love)

Blue (Berry)

59 H059 2007SRC グロッシーヘア
(Glossy Hair)

(Official English: The pompadour is a classic grown-up style. Combining its loose hold with the right outfit will have you shining in no time!)

Yellow (Love)

Blue (Berry)

Dress Up Cards

# Image Name Description Lucky Color
171 D171 2007SRC さわやかパニソーダ
(Sawayaka Pani Soda)

(Official English: You can almost hear the ocean waves with this ruffled camisole. The water gun in the belt holster is the cool touch to this hot outfit.)



172 D172 2007SRC シトラスポッシュ
(Citrus Poche)

(Official English: Time for some doubled-up shorts here! The LB coordinated strap brings out even more individuality.)



173 D173 2007SRC レトロカシュクール
(Retro Cachecoeur)

(Official English: Stand out in this retro one-piece! Gold accessories are just the thing it needs to complete its charm.)



174 D174 2007SRC ボニーバンビーナ
(Bonny Bambina)

(Official English: This totally cute tracksuit screams girl power. You'll be the dancer everyone's talking about!)



175 D175 2007SRC ロマかわフリル
(Romakawa Frill)

(Official English: Romantic one adds frill even on the city style fashion! Wearing a skirt with lace on pleats completes the cuteness.)



176 D176 2007SRC リトルエンチャントレス
(Little Enchantress)

(Official English: This charming pink number will make you the most popular girl around! The big ribbon equals instant lovely magic.)



177 D177 2007SRC レーシーカスケード
(Lacy Cascade)

(Official English: The elegant lace will have you shining above everyone like a princess. The romantic pale color is pure class.)



178 D178 2007SRC クローバーチャーム
(Clover Charm)

(Official English: It's always cute to show off your tummy. This clover will bring you total happiness!)



179 D179 2007SRC シュランクフラッパー
(Schlank Flapper)

(Official English: The mix of sporty material brings a cool look. The vivid color lining is all about active spice.)



180 D180 2007SRC シャルマーオンディーヌ
(Charmer Ondine)

(Official English: Dress up in a marine motif with this fluttering purple look. The nice pink frills will have everyone looking!)



181 D181 2007SRC ポッピンナイト
(Poping Night)

(Official English: The black-trim tube top will have you rocking! The colorful stylish coordination with the pants is perfect for any adult fashion.)



Footwear Cards

# Image Name Description Lucky Color
91 F091 2007SRC マーチングスニーカー
(Marching Sneaker)

(Official English: These colorful sneakers look like they've just come from a kingdom of toys! They're also easy to move around in since they don't have any straps.)

92 F092 2007SRC シフォンセレスティア
(Chiffon Selestia)

(Official English: The glossy purple in these shoes will make you look like a beautiful princess. The light frills and sparkling jewelry make your feet shine.)

93 F093 2007SRC プリチェリーソックス
(Pricherry Socks)

(Official English: These low heels are a girl's friend when it comes to casual. The collared socks and ribbons make for proper femininity.)

94 F094 2007SRC ロマキュンハート
(Romakyun Heart)

(Official English: Heart and ring motifs creates sweet elegance. Match them with a miniskirt and you'll be a beautiful stylish girl.)

95 F095 2007SRC キャンディアモール
(Candy Amor)

(Official English: Round toes and candy hearts are perfect for a lovely style. The plump heels and soft lines are sure to up the cuteness.)

96 F096 2007SRC あみこみストラップヒール
(Amikomi Strap Heel)

(Official English: If you want to get into a summer feel, you should try these strap sandals. The gold touch will really let your fashion take off!)

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