A Piece Of Summer


時尚魔女LOVE AND BERRY 夏日精彩片段 (Song Ver)


時尚魔女LOVE AND BERRY 夏日精彩片段 (Tambourine Ver)


Love and Berry Dress Up and Dance! A Piece Of Summer (Song Ver)


Love and Berry Dress Up and Dance! A Piece Of Summer (Tambourine Ver)


オシャレ魔女 ラブ and ベリー なつのかけら (Song Ver)


オシャレ魔女 ラブ and ベリー なつのかけら (Tambourine Ver)


Fourth Collection/2006 Autumn-Winter Collection

Singer (Japanese version)

rabbi☆min (ラビミン)


Seaside Stage


Kamiya Chikako (鎌谷千佳子) and Nagai Kazuhiko (長井和彦)


Kamiya Chikako (鎌谷千佳子) and Nagai Kazuhiko (長井和彦)


Nagai Kazuhiko (長井和彦)

A Piece Of Summer (JP: なつのかけら Natsu no kake-ra, CH: 夏日精彩片段 Xià Rì Jīng Cǎi Piàn Duàn) is the Third-Fifth Collection/2006 Autumn-Winter song of Seaside Stage. In the Japanese version, it stayed until the 2008 Spring-Summer Collection, when Colorful☆Season was added. Access to the song was later available again in the 2008 Summer Collection.

In the Third - Fifth Collection ROM, it is referred as B016.



Japanese lyrics English lyrics Chinese lyrics

なつのかけらが むねに ひかる
いまは しずかな すなはまで
なくした ものも あるけれど
たいせつな ものは
のこって いくんだね
てのひらで すくった すなは
なつも あきも ふゆも
おなじに こぼれ おちる
なつのかけらは きらり ひかる
たいせつな わたしの おもいで

Inside my heart, there is a shiny piece of summer,
Now sitting on the beach on such a quiet day,
There's something that I lost that summer in the sun,
Something gone but now lives on, with the
Things that are precious to me,
So I take my hand and scoop the sand, it pours down
just the same as ever, same in the
Summer, autumn, the same as winter too,
A tiny part of me, that shiny piece of summer,
It was a good time, a precious thought in my memory.

夏日的精彩片段 在心中 閃耀著
倘佯在 靜悄悄的 無人沙灘上
豔陽夏日 回憶裡 有得也有失
但是最重要 的東西
就這樣 留存在心底
捧在掌心的 小砂粒 它不管
是夏天 是秋天 是冬天
都同樣地 從掌心 會散落
夏日的精彩片段 亮晶晶 在閃耀
那是我心底 最珍貴的 夏日回憶

Soundtrack appearances



  • Oshare Majo Love and Berry: 2006 Autumn & Winter Song Collection (with and without tambourine)
  • Love and Berry Dress Up and Dance! Complete Song Collection (without tambourine only)


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