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Campaign Cards (キャンペーンカード Kyanpēn Kādo), are Fashion Magic Cards that are made to promote the game or under a special event. The cards are mostly from the main roster. They started appearing briefly in 2006 Winter Collection for a limited amount of time before returning back to the 2007 Autumn Collection and 2007 Winter Collection.


~DS Collection~ Cards

These cards were made to promote the upcoming Oshare Majo Love and Berry ~DS Collection~. Their layout are similar to the other DS Collection cards, except the background is shiny.

# Image Name Description Lucky Color
06 D006 DSC ピタTガール
(Pita T Girl)

(Official English: Casual boyish style with dazzling stars. Ribbon on waist can make the legs look long and slender.)



34 D034 DSC ピチッと黒T
(Pichitto Kuro T)

(Official English: Ready for some dancing with a small black tee. Slim jersey pants with flares will make your legs look longer.)



09 F009 DSC 星つきJ.Lo風ブーツ
(Hoshitsuki J.Lo Fu Boots)

(Official English: Sporty, yet feminine boots named after a famous movie star.)

12 F012 DSC パステルラブスニーカー
(Pastel Love Sneaker)

(Official English: Cute, pink checkered sneakers. Appeal to your girlie side with the heart logos.)


Special Fruit Cards

These cards were only available during the 2007 Autumn Collection but unlike the other campaign cards, each of them comes in a shape of a fruit based on their name and they're distributed separately from other cards. They can only be exchanged at some shops if you get a certain card.

# Image Name Description Lucky Color
01 D001 Cam ラブリーストロベリー
(Lovely Strawberry)

(Official English: Strawberry ribbon is super cute. Using bold colors is the key to standing out and turning heads.)



18 D018 CC パイナップルサマー
(Pineapple Summer)

(Official English: Feel like a beach girl in a deep v-tank with pineapple prints. Summer-style all the way with yellow colors!)



72 D072 cam オレンジヒップハング
(Orange Hip Hang)

(Official English: Look fresh with neat colors! Orange on the fastener top looks incredibly cute☆)



Miracle Snow Card

Only limited during the 2007 Winter Collection circulation period, the card comes in two different versions: namely Love and Berry. Berry Version can only be obtained by participating the 3rd Anniversary Fashion Contest, and Love Version can only either be obtained by collecting all four of the LB original accessories or is included with the Crystal Photo Stand.

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