Excitement And Flutter


時尚魔女LOVE AND BERRY 感動心動 (Song Ver)


時尚魔女LOVE AND BERRY 感動心動 (Tambourine Ver)


Love and Berry Dress Up and Dance! Excitement And Flutter (Song Ver)


Love and Berry Dress Up and Dance! Excitement And Flutter (Tambourine Ver)


オシャレ魔女 ラブ and ベリー トキメキときめく (Song Ver)


オシャレ魔女 ラブ and ベリー トキメキときめく (Tambourine Ver)


Fourth Collection/2006 Autumn-Winter Collection

Singer (Japanese version)

rabbi☆min (ラビミン)




Kamiya Chikako (鎌谷千佳子) and Nagai Kazuhiko (長井和彦)


Kamiya Chikako (鎌谷千佳子) and Nagai Kazuhiko (長井和彦)


Nagai Kazuhiko (長井和彦)

Excitement And Flutter (JP: トキメキときめく Tokimeki tokimeku, CH: 感動心動 Gǎn Dòng Xīn Dòng) is the Third-Fifth Collection/2006 Autumn-Winter song of Disco. In the Japanese version, it stayed until the 2008 Spring-Summer Collection, when Milky Way Fantasy was added. Access to the song was later available again in the 2008 Summer Collection.

In the Third - Fifth Collection ROM, it is referred as B015.



Japanese lyrics English lyrics Chinese lyrics

トばりの おりた そらに
キらめく せいざ みつけ
メも くらむ ような
キせきを まつ
このごろ なぜか ふしぎと トキメク
きれいな ふくに トキメキ
やさしい ひとに トキメキ
みちばたの はなに トキメク
ときめく とき こころに
にぎやかな パレードが とおり
あたまの なかでは
ポップコーン はじける
わたしは トキメキときめく おとしごろ
そう、わたしは いま
トキメキときめく おとしごろ

Twinkling high, up in the evening sky,
I found the most, amazing group of stars,
I, wait, to see a miracle,
Dazzling miracle,
And just the other day,
My heart began to flutter a lot,
Never felt a flutter so mysterious,
Like when a gentle person is next to me,
Flutters happen when I see a beautiful dress,
It flutters by the roadside flower bed,
And flutters like a big parade my spirit floating,
So much fun, my head could just pop,
Like popcorn, pops in my head,
It's my youthful flutter and excitement, and I
know you feel it too,
Oh yeah, it's, my youthful, kind of
flutter and excitement, just in case, you, need, to know.

謝了幕的 灰暗的 天空中
找到那個 閃亮亮 的星座
等待 驚奇的 炫目的
大奇蹟的 出現
這陣子 不知為何
會奇妙的 感動心動
為那件美麗衣裳 感動心動
為那個善良的人 感動心動
還為路旁小小野花 感動心動
感動心動 時分 我的心裡
彷彿正進行 熱鬧無比的 遊行
我的腦中 彷彿充滿
爆米花 跳啊跳啊
我的心啊 感動心動 感動心動
沒錯 我的現在 正是
感動心動 感動心動 的絕佳年紀

Soundtrack appearances



  • Oshare Majo Love and Berry: 2006 Autumn & Winter Song Collection (with and without tambourine)
  • Love and Berry Dress Up and Dance! Complete Song Collection (without tambourine only)


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