Fashion Magic Cards are part of Love and Berry: Dress Up and Dance!'s main focus, as they are what make the "Dress Up" portion of the game come in. They use CODE39 barcodes that the player must scan on the built-in card scanner, and there are over 580 of them to collect. Fashion Magic Cards usually rotate around versions, and usually a few of them are taken off the roster to make way for even more new cards to join.

Sometimes as few as 8 cards are taken away like in the 2007 Autumn Collection, or a massive amount of cards are taken off to form a "reboot" like in the Rivale Collection. Other times, there are only cards released for testing/demo purposes (ex. Trial Cards), released for events (like cards released for Shogakukan events), or come with certain items of merchandise.

There are 12 (21 if you include classic versions) unique versions in the international release while 17 unique collections in Japan.

Main Card Rosters

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