Fitted Tee Girl
D006 2004AWC
"Casual boyish style with dazzling stars. Ribbon on waist can make the legs look long and slender."

Lucky Color

  • Yellow
  • Black

Card Type

Dress Up Card

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LB Style Square Brand


Japanese Description


Taiwanese Mandarin Description


First Appearance

2004 Autumn-Winter Collection

Fitted Tee Girl (TM: 合身T女孩 (Hé Shēn T Nǚ Hái)/JP: ピタTガール Pita T Girl) is one of Dress Up Cards that were introduced in 2004 Fall-Winter Collection/Version 1. It was taken out of the main roster from 2007 Spring Sakura Collection/Version 10 onwards but returns back briefly in the 2006 Winter Collection, where it became a campaign card exclusively to promote the ported DS game. Although it appeared in Version 9 as well, it was made standardised with the other cards as the DS port was only localized in Japan.

In Best Collection, it was one of the popular Dress Up cards being positioned in the 36th rank. Before the public opening of the game, it was one of the Sparkling Location Test Cards.

After the cease of Oshare Majo and Version 12 finished circulation, Fitted Tee Girl returns into the main roster starting Version 13 Classic (Which was the re-release/remake of Version 1).


Japanese Collections

International Versions




Pita T (ピタT): ピタT is a term for tight-fitting T-shirt. ピタ comes from ぴったり, meaning Tightly, Exactly, or Perfectly (suited). is an abbreviation for Tee (T-shirt).

Gāru (ガール): The Japanese Katakana transliteration of the English word Girl.

Taiwanese Mandarin

Hé Shēn T (合身T): 合身 means Fit or Well-Fitting and T is an abbreviation for Tee. This means Well-Fitted T-shirt or Tight T-shirt.

Nǚ Hái (女孩): Equivalent to the word Girl or Lass.


Fitted Tee Girl: Fitted Tee is translated from its original counterpart, which perfectly describes the T-shirt.


  • According to the Best Collection numbering, this was the 36th most popular card around that time.
  • Along with Pastel Love Sneakers, this card is Love's signature outfit. .




LB - D006 (Fitted Tee Girl, Love)


LB - D006 (Fitted Tee Girl, Berry)



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