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63 (in Fashion Magic Years)

Voice actress

Masako Nozawa (Japanese)
Barbara Goodson (English)[citation needed]

Izabera (Japanese: イザベラ lit. Izabera) is a supporting character in the Love and Berry Dress Up and Dance! franchise. First introduced in the Japanese arcade version of 2007 Spring-Summer Collection, in Easy For Two and Hard For Two, she tells Love and Berry their point target to advance to the next stage.


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A mysterious Headmistress of the prestigious Fashion Magic Academy. Despite her being strict at all times, she's been kindly watching over Love and Berry. She's said to have been referred as "Cat Granny" by her neighbours.


According to her bio, she is 63 years old in Fashion Magic Years. The rest is a mystery.


A senior citizen Fashionable Witch with fair skin. Izabera wears glasses, a violet dress, and a purple blouse. Her hair is grey.

In the manga, she has a completely different appearance. She wears a black hat, a black coak, and has a big nose which is a prominent feature of a witch from classic fairy tales. She seems to be given a status of teacher instead of headmistress. Though the confirmation of the two different appearances are one in the same has yet to be debunked.


Magic Of Happiness

As the headmistress of the Fashion Magic Academy, she is very strict. At the midst of Love and Berry's Fashion Magic Academy enrollment exam, she provided a hospitality at her home mansion. She also gave useful tips to both of them in accomplishing their mission.


Izabera (イザベラ) is likely the Japanese romanization of the name Izabela. It is said to mean god is my oath.


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