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Miesha's character images from the now defunct character pages


17 (in Fashion Magic years)


November 24 (Sagittarius)

Blood type







Playing with Laquia

Favorite food

Gateau chocolate

Favorite flower


Charm point

Butterfly items

Favorite phrase

"Good thing!"

Miesha (Japanese: ミーシャ Mīsha) is one of the playable characters in Rivale Collection & Finale Collection versions of Oshare Majo: Love and Berry.

She made her debut in the Oshare Majo Love and Berry ~DS Collection~ as a rival in story mode. She eventually makes her return in the 2007 Autumn-Winter Collection of Oshare Majo Love and Berry by scanning the Magical Rival card. By the 2008 Summer Collection, she becomes a playable character until the cease of the game's run. She was never mentioned or referenced in the English version.

Little known about her, she was a former student of Fashion Magic Academy but was expelled due to using fashionable black magic.

Bio (Japanese version)

ねんれい ~ 17才(オシャレ魔女ねんれい)
たんじょう日 ~ 11月24日(いて座)
けつえきがた ~ A型
しんちょう ~ 153cm
たいじゅう ~ ヒミツ
しゅみ ~ ラキアとあそぶ
スキなたべもの ~ ガトーショコラ
スキな花 ~ バラ
チャームポイント ~ ちょうのアイテム
口ぐせ 『いいこと!』


Miesha has natural black (which turns into the Lucky Color black) shoulder length hair, black eyes and a fair skin tone (which can be changed via Miracle Foundation), and according to her bio, her main charm points are butterfly items.

It is unknown what her affinity is, but it seems that she likes to wear appealing clothing that captures people's attention. Due to this, it's likely that her affinity leans towards hot and sexy clothing. She also seems to speak in a sarcastic tone.




Primp Up Cards

Gameplay (Japanese)

2007 Autumn-Winter Collection

2008 Summer Collection

Promotional Material

Defunct website

Miesha Emoticons from the Blog


  • Miesha, like Love and Berry, has her weight listed as "Secret." This is not a new thing for Sega, as they often hide weights for their female characters.
  • Miesha's clothing as a non-playable character, unlike Love's and Berry's, are not re-textures of existing cards. They are instead, specifically made for her during Oshare Majo Love and Berry ~DS Collection~'s development.
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