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SlilyArch Advert

A banner to place onto the arcade machine made to promote the 2007 Winter Collection. It promotes the Primp Up Cards from its collection, the Slily Cupid Coorde and the Arch Smile Coorde.

Primp Up Cards (プリンプアップカード Purinpu Appu Kādo) are one of the types of Fashion Magic Cards in Oshare Majo Love and Berry. They were introduced in the 2007 Autumn Collection, with the Majo Red Coorde and the Majo Blue Coorde.

There is only one Primp Up Card per playable character in each collection, starting with the 2007 Autumn Collection. While they are readily revealed in the website, checklists would often keep their appearances a secret. Primp Up Cards are often elusive, especially as when the next collection after they are introduced comes out, they are taken off the main roster.

The purpose of these cards is to give a complete outfit to the character currently being played as. They all consist of one Hair & Makeup Card, one Dress Up Card, and one Footwear Card. Sometimes, Primp Up Cards can even contain cards that are no longer in the main roster in their combinations.

However, each card is only meant to be for their respective character. It can grant them a high amount of points in a specific stage, similar to Godly Combos, without the hassle to spend time on selecting cards.


2007 Autumn Collection

# Image Name Description Contents and Lucky Color
P001 P001 2007AC マジョレッドコーデ
(Majo Red Coorde)

Clip On Hair
(Love: Yellow/Berry: Blue/Miesha: Black)
Sunshine Red
(Red and White)
Soarin' Wing

P002 P002 2007AC マジョブルーコーデ
(Majo Blue Coorde)

Oriental Chignon
(Love: Yellow/Berry: Blue/Miesha: Black)
Star Night Blue
(Blue and Purple)
Glitter Road

2007 Winter Collection

# Image Name Description Contents and Lucky Color
P003 P003 2007WC シリリーキューピッドコーデ
(Slily Cupid Coorde)

Braided Band
(Love: Yellow/Berry: Blue/Miesha: Black)
Happy Cantique
(Red and Green)
Hoppin' Hot Mite

P004 P004 2007WC アーチスマイルコーデ
(Arch Smile Coorde)

Braid Bound Bun
(Love: Yellow/Berry: Blue/Miesha: Black)
Merry Pumpkin
(Yellow and Blue)
White Blossom Heels

Best Collection

# Image Name Description Contents and Lucky Color
P005 P005 2008BC ピンキッシュサイケ
(Pinkish Psyche)

Magic Curl
(Love: Yellow/Berry: Blue/Miesha: Black)
Retro Pleats
(White and Pink)
Cool Streak

P006 P006 2008BC クールバイキング
(Cool Viking)

Cool Beauty Hair
(Love: Yellow/Berry: Blue/Miesha: Black)
Cool Pirates
(Blue and White)
Vanity Leopard

Rivale/River Collection

# Image Name Description Contents and Lucky Color
P007 P007 2008RC サニーディスキップ
(Sunny Day Skip)

Uttori Puchi Lady
(Love: Yellow/Berry: Blue/Miesha: Black)
Flower Power Denim
(Yellow and Blue)
Western Heart

P008 P008 2008RC サンディーティータイム
(Sunday Tea Time)

Silky Long
(Love: Yellow/Berry: Blue/Miesha: Black)
Honey Purple Bustier
(Pink and Yellow)
Charming Boot Warmers

P009 P009 2008RC ホリデーキューイスト
(Holiday Cueist)

Asymmetrical Braided Bob
(Love: Yellow/Berry: Blue/Miesha: Black)
Snappy Girl
(Blue and Purple)
Amorous Knee-High

Finale Collection

# Image Name Description Contents and Lucky Color
P010 P010 2008FC チャタークラウン
(Chatter Clown)

Sweeping Style
(Love: Yellow/Berry: Blue/Miesha: Black)
Candy Girl
(Blue and Green)
Pon x2 Itazurakko

P011 P011 2008FC ルシオルドロップ
(Luciole Drop)

Chokotto Decorat
(Love: Yellow/Berry: Blue/Miesha: Black)
Durée Blue
(Blue and Green)
Cobalt Cuffed Heels

P012 P012 2008FC モルティスピール
(Molti Soupir)

Mx2 Side Curls
(Love: Yellow/Berry: Blue/Miesha: Black)
Sciaglin Vino
(Purple and White)
Candy Amor


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