Sparkly Pearl Dress
D009 2004AWC
"High-impact pearly dress, with layered laces giving a grown-up look."

Lucky Color

  • Green
  • Yellow

Card Type

Dress Up Card

Card Number


LB Style Square Brand


Japanese Description


Taiwanese Mandarin Description


First Appearance

2004 Autumn-Winter Collection

Sparkly Pearl Dress (TM: 閃亮珍珠晚禮服 (Shǎn Liàng Zhēn Zhū Wǎn Lǐ Fú)/JP: きらパールドレス  Kira Pearl Dress) is one of Dress Up Cards that were introduced in 2004 Fall-Winter Collection/Version 1. It was taken out of the main roster from 2006 Summer Collection/Version 7 onwards but returns back in Best Collection being in the 33rd rank. In the ~DS Collection~ Official Card Pack, there's a chance that this card is included.

Before the public opening of the game, it was one of the Sparkling Location Test Cards.

After the cease of Oshare Majo and Version 12 finished circulation, Sparkly Pearl Dress returns into the main roster starting Version 13 Classic (Which was the re-release/remake of Version 1).


Japanese Collections

International Versions




Ki-ra (きら): An abbreviation of きらきら, meaning Glitter, Sparkle, Twinkle, or Glisten. The hiragana writing can also refer to 綺羅, which means fine clothes (hence describing the exquisite gown). This serves as an adjective for パール.

Pāru (パール): The Katakana transliteration of an English word Pearl, the highlight of the gown. Combined with きら, it describes the pearls sparkling.

Doresu (ドレス): The Katakana transliteration of an English word Dress, which solely describes one-piece in another term.

Taiwanese Mandarin

Shǎn Liàng Zhēn Zhū (閃亮珍珠): 閃亮 is an adjective meaning Shiny, Sparkly, or any other related synonyms while 珍珠 is a noun that is equivalent to the English word Pearl. This simply refers to the sparkly pearls on the dress.

閃亮 means Shiny/Sparkly/Flare/Twinkle/Glisten and serves as an adjective to 珍珠, whose English equivalent is Pearl. 晚禮服 is an attributive adjective to specifically mean Evening/Night (Formal) Dress.

Wǎn Lǐ Fú (晚禮服): A term for Evening Dress or Party Dress, the latter makes more sense due to its overly refined look.


Sparkly Pearl Dress: Sparkly is translated from its original counterpart.


Its' title and its' design give it away that this is only recommended at the Ball stage. So, only use it at that one stage. If it used at another stage, expect your score to be pretty low.


  • According to the Best Collection numbering, this was the 33rd most popular card around that time.
  • This card has been often associated with Berry and is often said to be her signature ball gown.




LB - D009 (Sparkly Pearl Dress, Love)


LB - D009 (Sparkly Pearl Dress, Berry)



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