The Blue Danube


Love and Berry Dress Up and Dance! The Blue Danube (Waltz Ver)


オシャレ魔女 ラブ and ベリー うつくしきあおきドナウ (Tambourine Ver)


Fourth Collection/2006 Autumn-Winter Collection

Original composer

Johann Strauss II in 1866



The Blue Danube (JP: うつくしきあおきドナウ Utsukushiki Aoki Donau, CH: 藍色多瑙河 Lán Sè Duō Nǎo Hé), is the Third-Fifth Collection/2006 Autumn-Winter waltz of the Ball. In the Japanese version, it stayed until the 2007 Autumn-Winter Collection, when Emperor Waltz was added. Access to the song was later available again in the 2008 Summer Collection.


Soundtrack appearances



  • Oshare Majo Love and Berry: 2005 Autumn & Winter Song Collection (with and without tambourine)
  • Love and Berry Dress Up and Dance! Complete Song Collection (without tambourine only)



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