The Sign Of Snow


時尚魔女LOVE AND BERRY 白雪的最高機密 (Song Ver)


時尚魔女LOVE AND BERRY 白雪的最高機密 (Tambourine Ver)


Love and Berry Dress Up and Dance! The Sign Of Snow (Song Ver)


Love and Berry Dress Up and Dance! The Sign Of Snow (Tambourine Ver)


オシャレ魔女 ラブ and ベリー ゆきのサイン (Song Ver)


オシャレ魔女 ラブ and ベリー ゆきのサイン (Tambourine Ver)


Fourth Collection/2006 Autumn-Winter Collection

Singer (Japanese version)

rabbi☆min (ラビミン)


Idol Stage


Kamiya Chikako (鎌谷千佳子) and Nagai Kazuhiko (長井和彦)


Kamiya Chikako (鎌谷千佳子) and Nagai Kazuhiko (長井和彦)


Nagai Kazuhiko (長井和彦)

The Sign Of Snow (JP: ゆきのサイン Yuki no sain, CH: 白雪的最高機密 Xià Rì Jīng Cǎi Piàn Duàn) is the Third-Fifth Collection/2006 Autumn-Winter song of Idol Stage. In the Japanese version, it stayed until the 2008 Spring-Summer Collection, when To The Other Side Of Orange was added. Access to the song was later available again in the 2008 Summer Collection.

In the Third - Fifth Collection ROM, it is referred as B017.



Japanese lyrics English lyrics Chinese lyrics

なつのかけらが むねに ひかる
いまは しずかな すなはまで
なくした ものも あるけれど
たいせつな ものは
のこって いくんだね
てのひらで すくった すなは
なつも あきも ふゆも
おなじに こぼれ おちる
なつのかけらは きらり ひかる
たいせつな わたしの おもいで

Yes, it's true, I wouldn't lie, yes, it's true,
I fell in love with him,
Something he did, in winter he would
walk around in, T-shirts in the cold,
Eyes so bright, he likes to run, in the
schoolyard while my heart beats fast!
He's the one, he gave, to me
Joy and way so much more,
In a town far away,
We can't meet, then the sign, when
Snow falls, in his distant town,
The color white he sees,
Is everywhere and all around,
It's a sign, a very secret sign,
That I give from me to you,
I will never, fail to remember, that I
fell in love with you.

我心中 有個小小秘密
我喜歡上 那男孩
不管天多冷 他總是穿
帥氣的 短T恤一件
追著球 雙眼炯炯有神
盡情奔跑 在操場
他帶給我 HAPPY
想起他 心歡喜
但是 見不到他
遙遠的 那個城鎮
應該也 會下雪吧
遙遠的 那城鎮
渲染成 銀白一片時
那就是 我發射給你的
最高機密 的訊號
難以忘懷 我曾經 小心翼翼

Soundtrack appearances



  • Oshare Majo Love and Berry: 2006 Autumn & Winter Song Collection (with and without tambourine)
  • Love and Berry Dress Up and Dance! Complete Song Collection (without tambourine only)


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