aka Laurine Annette Leville

Headmaster Vice Headmaster
  • I live in an english country
  • My occupation is [Censored]
  • I am Cattail.

Hi! I'm Laurine Annette Leville. Actually, that's not my name. You can call me "Laura" if you want.

I live in an Asian Country. My country's English language originates from Standard British English but American English (In rare cases, Australian English and few other English) eventually got mixed in even though it's not official.

I have a habit of switching my lazy and horrendous accent to an American accent when I'm chatting to foreigners, most of the time. There are times where I tried switching to an British accent but I find it hard.

I like Love and Berry. They made me too GIRLY. D:

I also photoshop? If necessary.


Primary Tasks

Clearing Cards

  • 2007 Spring Berry Collection - September 2020?
  • 2007 Summer Collection - 2020?
  • 2007 Autumn Collection - 2020?
  • 2007 Winter Collection - 2020?
  • Best Collection - TBE
  • River Collection - TBE
  • Finale Collection - TBE

Secondary Tasks (Found this but it's edited. Still helpful.)

Broken/Missing Card Images

Bold indicates that they are not currently available (no one owns it yet) or on a waiting list for request (Kamui_Kynn)

  • Most of Sparkling Location Test Cards (KIRAKIRA)

Hair & Makeup Card

2007 Summer Collection

Dress Up Card

2007 Spring Berry Collection

  • D159 2007 SEC1, SEC2, SEC3, SEC4
  • D160 2007 SEC

Footwear Card

2007 Spring Sakura/Spring Berry Collection

  • F084 - 2007 AC
  • F085 - 2007 WC
  • F087 - 2007 WC
  • F088 - 2007 AC
  • F089 - 2007 AC
  • F090 - 2007 AC

Special Item Card

Missing Trump Design Cards (Marine_Soir)

Bold indicates that it's not a broken image from the web archive/others or there's no need to search for a replacement.

  • Japanese Style Bangs (Six of Spades)
  • Filly Jersey (Nine of Diamonds)
  • Innocent Vino (Queen of Diamonds)
  • Luminary Girl (Three of Clubs)
  • Skittish Girl (Six of Clubs)
  • Girlie Curly Long (Joker/Wildcard of Clubs)
  • Polir(?) Concert (Queen of Clubs)
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