Velcro Zig-Zag Sneakers
F037 2006SC
"Velcro Sneakers for active feet. Matching with casual pants will get well along for a cool look!"

Lucky Color

  • Red (Main Color)
  • Purple (Alternate Color)
  • Green (Alternate Color)

Card Type

Footwear Card

Card Number


LB Style Square Brand


Japanese Description


Taiwanese Mandarin Description


First Appearance

2006 Spring Collection

Velcro Zig-Zag Sneakers (TM: 蘿蔔紅魔帶球鞋 (Luó Bo Hóng Mó Dài Qiú Xié)/JP: ベルクロラディッシュ Velcro Radish) is one of Footwear Cards that was introduced in 2006 Spring Collection/Version 6. It was eventually taken out of the main roster from 2007 Spring Sakura Collection/Version 10 onwards.

After the cease of Oshare Majo and Version 12 finished circulation, Velcro Zig-Zag Sneakers returns into the main roster starting Version 18 Classic (Which was the re-release/remake of Version 6).


Japan Collections

International Versions



Berukuro (ベルクロ): The Japanese Katakana transliteration of an English word Velcro, which are the fasteners of the footwear.

Radisshu (ラディッシュ): The Japanese Katakana transliteration of an English word Radish, referring to the red color of the footwear.

Taiwanese Mandarin

Luó Bo Hóng (蘿蔔紅): 蘿蔔 refers to Radishes, Turnips, Daikons/Chinese Radishes, or Carrots (in few Chinese dialects). is equivalent to Red (color). This means Radish Red, which is the color of the footwear.

Mó Dài (魔帶): Likely referring to Velcro, as the literal translation is Magic Belt.

Qiú Xié (球鞋): Known as Sneakers nowadays, it also refers to sports-related shoes (e.g. Gym Shoes, Tennis Shoes, etc.).


Velcro Zig-Zag Sneakers: Zig-Zag refers to the arrangement of the fasteners, which are placed in a said way.



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